Friday, September 19, 2014

Or ... you know ... maybe not

Hmmmm. In today's Dear Abby, the writer says
Mom ... and [husband] Evan engaged in tense conversations concerning politics and religion. I asked them to please not talk about such things with each other, but they didn't listen. ... they had a huge argument and Mom walked out. She has never returned to our home.

Since then, I have never had a holiday with my parents, although I do travel once or twice a year with the kids to see them. Mom and Evan did come to an understanding when our third child was born, but that, too, ended in separation six months later.
Abby says:
If they were more mature, they would, in the name of family harmony, agree to disagree.
I don't know. That's a very sweeping generalization. Much depends on exactly what their argument was about.It's very difficult and quite probably not a good idea to "agree to disagree" "in the name of family harmony" with someone who has said others of your friends and family should be stripped of their civil rights. Or, you know, damned them - or you - to hell. Just for instance.

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