Tuesday, September 02, 2014

September begins in two universes

Both have small, stand-alone pictures and big ones accompanying their center-page story. And may I say how piquant it is to see them worried about treaties in the Times?

Washington Times:
Second Amendment Businesses say 'bring your guns' | Second Amendment-friendly establishments on rise
Accountability Contractors fear hidden costs linked to Obama's social ideals | 'There's a target on their backs'
Accountability Illinois to go bust as its teachers get richer | Six-figure pensions outpace cash poured in
Foreign Policy U.S. inaction in Ukraine is worrisome | Sends signal arms treaties are worthless
Elections Republicans struggle to build wave of Senate votes | Races tighten in states where party needs to flip control
Affordable Care Act Obamacare troops home in on Hispanics | Enrollment of key population vital to program's success
Big Picture: a mom with a baby and "an openly displayed firearm" at a Cajun restaurant in Leesburg
Small picture "Protest in Pakistan" showing a little riot

Washington Post:
Guardsmen adjust to new role in Texas | Troops deployed by Perry add to an already beefed-up border
D.C. police could face personnel shortage | Many officers are nearing retirement, and some young ones are moving away
Pentagon expands footprint in Africa | Drone base will be second in Niger | U.S., France coordinate efforts to counter jihadists
How safe are files stashed in the cloud?
With limit on political giving lifted, wallets are open wide | Extra contributions allowed by ruling foavor GOP 2 to 1, analysis shows
Big Picture: Cool Guardsmen in Texas, with a pull quote "We want someone else to come in and handle it." attributed in smaller print to a farmer, not the Guardsmen
Small picture: President Obama giving Labor Day speech at Milwaukee's Laborfest

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