Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Week in Entertainment

Live: Once, which is quirkily staged but interestingly so.

DVD: Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which I missed in theaters. Damn good.

TV: Doctor Who - I found "Listen" to be truly affecting. Like a lot of Moffat-penned stories, it was best at its quietest, but I think it would have been better without the thing (what/who ever) under the bedspread. Also, why have we decided that Danny is the one with his foot in his mouth? Clara's the one who started the date by calling him a killer, wasn't she? Also, I know he's going for awkward, but unfortunately I'm not buying the existence of enough chemistry between the two of them to make them keep trying again. Sad but true.

Read: Dead Water, the first of the next Shetland Quartet by Ann Cleeves. I knew they'd have to have changed a lot for the TV series, since (among other things) they've completely redone Jimmy's relationship with Fran and made Cassie about ten years older, but I was startled at just how much they redid it! The Truth by Michael Palin, which I really enjoyed - much more than his first novel, The Hemingway Chair, though I did like that one, though looking back at it now (1995! I was startled at how long ago it was published) it's "laugh so you don't cry" in its attack on 'modernization' and privatization, isn't it? I decided to give The Monogram Murders a try after reading several reviews of it. A number of them mentioned the Jill Attenbury continuations of Lord Peter, but although I found the couple of them I tried well enough written, they're too ... fannish (and I say that as a fan and writer of fan fiction myself); the whole point of Lord Peter is that he's Lord Peter, not Lord St George and then the Duke of Denver, plus I'm sorry about Jerry just for himself! Anyway, Monogram is quite entertaining. And then I found Ann Hillerman's Spider Woman's Daughter, in which she continues the Leaphorn/Chee story. And in a worthy fashion.



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