Friday, October 03, 2014

In their eyes?

A guy writes to the LBGT advice columnist at the Post:
I’m a gay Republican, and am often confronted by my gay friends during election season. They wonder how I could be part of a political party that, in their eyes, condemns homosexuality. I’ve alienated myself from a lot of friends over this topic and it’s hurt a lot of my relationships. What’s the best way for me to explain that my conservative views on small government, low taxation and a strong national defense outweigh anything else? Also, how do I explain that gay marriage should be supported by true conservatives, and that religious fanatics don’t represent true conservatism? 

First, I'd have told him to look at how he's defining his political position. Perhaps "true Scots conservatives" feel like he does, but the party does in fact condemn gay marriage.

This is not "in their eyes". It's in the platform.

He may be able to twist himself up so that being a "true conservative" is enough. I'm not surprised he finds it hard to get others to go along.

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