Saturday, October 11, 2014

It's still true

So, Susan Collins is up for reelection. And she's running an ad that claims, among other things, that
"On all three votes on those two days, Susan Collins voted against shutting down the government."
Well, as Mother Jones points out, that's not quite true.

There wasn't one, let alone three, votes about "shutting down the government." What there was was a series of votes on the House budget, which would have "kept the government open only if Obama and Senate Democrats agreed to defund or delay Obamacare."

So what Collins did was vote, every time, for the GOP position - a position calculated and intended to shut the government down unless the president destroyed his signal legislation, passed by both houses. A budget which the GOP - and Collins - knew had no chance of passing the Senate. So, once again, Collins is pretending to be something she's not: reasonable.

So, as I have often said before , do not "vote for the person". Some of them vote for the party with enthusiasm, and some hold their noses ... but it all looks the same in the box score in the morning.



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