Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Smooth move, guy

So, the Philae lander actually landed on a comet! Yay! Way to go, ESA! Way to go, team ...

Wait. WTF?

Yeah, Matt Taylor, Rosetta Project Scientist chose to wear a shirt covered in half-naked pouty girls with guns. And apparently no one at ESA thought this might be a bad idea for the guy on the television during the live landing.

Way to encourage girls to go into science. Way to demonstrate your contempt for half the human race.

Oh, sorry, my mistake. Apparently this shirt is "rad" and "bright" and "colorful" and "charming" and covered in "glamorous women". Or at least that's how the lads in the tech and business and British tabs and (in fact) solid papers like the Guardian see it. So, okay then.

Way to land on a comet, dude!

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