Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Week in Entertainment

DVD: Some of Scott & Bailey season 3. I'm not crazy about the "moment of jeopardy-cut to months earlier" frame, but the through story (I'm assuming) with the horrible family is quite engrossing.

TV: The Sky TV adaptation of The Colour of Magic (which includes The Light Fantastic), rather well cast and made - enjoyable, indeed. The Lego Movie, which I'd managed to miss before and which I found enormously entertaining. November Christmas, which I watched because Sam Eliot is in it, but was - even for Hallmark - full of glurge. Worst of all, the story was about a town coming together to make Christmas come early for a little girl with cancer but - just in case the fact that it was on Hallmark wasn't enough - they got rid of all possible tension by having the girl narrating as a grownup! Also caught up on The Middle and Modern Family, both of which were good, and Grimm, in which I'm glad to see that Nick at least realized he would have to move to a different city if he didn't get his powers back. If the spell works (and really, they're not going to give him powers back? What kind of show would they have?) it's going to be a good thing that FBI agent "knows" he's not a Grimm...

Read: The Dinosaur Feather, a very good Danish novel about murder among scientists. The last two Julian Kestrel novels. I liked them all, but the last one was a tiny bit contrived and the whole Italian setting bugged me for some reason. Still, it was an enjoyable series. 



At 4:09 AM, December 05, 2014 Anonymous Adrian Morgan had this to say...

I haven't seen the _Colour of Magic_ adaptation. I remember thinking when it was announced that casting David Jason as Rincewind was heresy -- how can Rincewind be an old person? -- but otherwise I don't know much about it.

As for the other Discworld adaptations, we've discussed _Hogfather_ before, and frankly, what they did to _Going Postal_ was immoral. Moist von Lipwig obviously has his faults, but NOTHING can excuse turning him into the kind of man who thinks it's acceptable to force a woman to dance with him. I haven't seen Terry (or Rhianna!) comment on this, but "rage-inducing" would be my adjective of choice. (I can't comment further because I've done my best to eradicate the whole thing from my memory.)

At 5:55 AM, December 05, 2014 Blogger The Ridger, FCD had this to say...

I haven't seen Going Postal, but that sounds like the kind of moment that can override everything else. Like the dimwits who are making the current Narnia movies having Peter riding a Talking Horse.


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