Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Week in Entertainment

DVD: Finished the third series of Scott & Bailey, and enjoyed it very much. Series 4 has arrived, so I'll be diving into that soon.

TV: Tried out The Game, which seems horribly complicated. But it's weirdly fascinating so I'll probably keep watching for a while. Grimm - I'm glad that Nick's back (though I wasn't worried he'd stay like that for long, of course, but I did worry they'd drag it out a couple more eps); he's going to be needed what with Adelind, Renard trying to find the kid for his mother, and that FBI problem. And I caught up on The Newsroom, which is definitely amping up the tension. (I do have one thing to say to that FBI agent who kept saying no reporter had ever been charged under the Espionage Act: James Risen.)

Read: Legion and Legion: Skin Game, which are very good, an intriguing character and set-up. No Man's Nightingale, a Wexford novel. Like Lewis, he's now retired; unlike Lewis, he's not a contractor but a private citizen whose friendship with Burden gives him a look-in that he's not officially empowered to do anything about. Very interesting book. Danielle Paige's fascinating Dorothy Must Die and its prequels The Witch Must Burn and No Place Like Oz. I'm waiting impatiently for March and the conclusion.



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