Sunday, November 09, 2014

The Week in Entertainment

Live: Two lovely operas - first, at the Met, Die Zauberflote, in the Julie Taymor production but not the short, English Christmas one; the full-length German one. Kathryn Lewek owned the Queen of the Night, and Markus Werba was a terrifically good Papageno. Also, great puppeteers - especially the bears! Then in Baltimore, Madama Butterfly with a brilliant Chad Sheldon as Pinkerton (the cad!), Asako Tamura as a lovely Cio-Cio-San, and Mike Shigematsu knocking it out of the park as Suzuki - especially when she killed Pinkerton at the very end! Yes! Did not see that coming!

DVD: Rewatched LOTR, the extended edition.

TV: Grimm - too bad Adelind found a new helper, but I think Renard's mother may be her match. A lot is going on right now; I do like this show. Doctor Who - a nice twist on the perennial Doctor/Master rivalry. Good ending to the Clara Oswald arc; too bad about Danny even though they never really made me believe in them as a couple. Still, I'm looking forward to a new Companion and a new arc.

Read: About a dozen Libby Serjeant mysteries. I enjoyed them a lot, but now I'm caught up, almost. Still, there's a ton of stuff on my to-read list.



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