Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"I can't breathe" - yes, you can talk

You've heard it. In the last few days you've probably heard it a lot. You might even have wondered wasn't it true, even though he died.

"If you can talk you can breathe."

Well, it's not true. Here's why.
Once the lungs begin to exhale, they collapse, but if you they are being pressed down on by body weight, they may not be able to re-expand. They then continue to collapse, forcing out the Functional Reserve Capacity of air, but not drawing in a new breath. So, your suspect may be pleading for breath, they may actually be incapable of drawing one in, and the reason is you. If someone is saying they cannot breathe, you need to believe them, because you might be killing them.
And there are actually good comments (sprinkled, of course, with some crap. For instance:
If airflow is cut off completely, of course you wouldn't be able to speak. But airflow does not have to be cut off completely in order for you to suffocate.

Anyone who has pulled a pillow over their head at night to block out excessive noise or light knows that the pillow allows air to flow. But it's still possible for someone to be murdered with a pillow. It will allow air through. It just won't allow enough air through. A murderer kills their victim by being persistent in using the pillow to prevent the victim from getting enough air.
Read it. Remember it. Tell it.

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At 10:08 AM, December 11, 2014 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

Even simpler: Exhale completely, hold your nose, then repeat "I can't breathe" as many times as you can. I was surprised by how long I could still do that.

At 10:10 PM, December 29, 2014 Anonymous Greg Bailey had this to say...

I'm not buying this as fact, and I will tell you why... If you can't breathe, and you say it 8 times without your voice changing. You are lying. You can't exhale all air from you lung then claim you can't breathe over the next 45 seconds. You lungs burn you voice becomes ragged, and rasp-y then it become panic stricken. To be able to yell (8X) "I can't breathe"! is a bit of a tall tale.


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