Wednesday, December 03, 2014


From the Sic! section of Michael Quinion's World Wide Words newsletter, this submission:
The British comedian, actor, author and campaigner Russell Brand won the 2014 Foot in Mouth Award yesterday evening from the Plain English Campaign for examples of incoherent prose like this from his book Revolution:
This attitude of churlish indifference seems like nerdish deference contrasted with the belligerent antipathy of the indigenous farm folk, who regard the hippie-dippie interlopers, the denizens of the shimmering tit temples, as one fey step away from transvestites.
Okay, there are a lot of things you could say about that sentence - it's florid, it's wordy, it's self-parodyingly overly adorned, somebody needs to take his Thesaurus away from him - but it's perfectly coherent. I didn't even have to read it twice.



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