Sunday, December 07, 2014

The Week in Entertainment

Live:Newsies, an exciting, high-voltage performance, even though a fake charismatic leader and a predictable love story is grafted onto the real ones. (By the way, "The strikers demonstrated across the Brooklyn Bridge for several days, effectively bringing traffic to a standstill," according to Wikipedia, so that's an old tactic.) Those dancers are working hard.

TV:The Mentalist started its new (and final) season with a good, solid story - no Red John, no secret cabals, just an intriguing case and a new agent. Jane and Lisbon are cute together and don't take over the plot, at least not in this ep. The Newsroom continues to be excellent. Will's dilemma is powerful. Saw Red  which I hadn't seen before. Amazing how Morgan Freeman is the one that died. When will they cast him in the Malkovich role and vice versa. I had vague memories of watching the original The Librarian, but only that, so I watched the three movies before The Librarians premiered. I liked it pretty well - it will give me a Christian Kane fix if nothing else, and I did like the team. I'll be watching it again.

Read: Marriage Can Be Murder, a nice first entry in a period murder series. A bit too much of the "oh, I'm so unsuitable for him" but only a bit. Then I read the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson, which was wonderful.



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