Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Week in Entertainment

Live: Die Meistersinger von N├╝rnberg at the Met with Michael Volle doing a wonderful job as Sachs. Then The Last Ship (with Sting), which has a beautiful score but a story that can't quite make up its mind what it is (though I like Meg's choice).

DVD: Guardians of the Galaxy - quite enjoyable. Dancing Groot at the end, yay!

TV: Modern Family - "Haley's first drink", she slams it down, looks around and says "ooo it burns". "OMG, we're gayncient." The Middle ended so sweetly. The Mentalist - oh, dear, the "woman in jail" trope, but it wasn't too bad. The Newsroom - I have to admit I did not see those deaths coming, and I still don't even understand one of them. The Librarians was a good shake-down episode. Next week will be cool: Bruce Campbell as Santa Claus? Oh, yes.

Read: The Rise of the Spider Goddess, in which Jim C Hines gives the MST3K treatment to his own first novel, which richly deserves it. A couple of 1920s mysteries about an Inspector Pointer. Hard to believe all the stuff they did - breaking and entering, wearing disguises to trick people into giving them evidence, setting up suspects, flat-out stealing stuff. Amazing. Also, the second book slides into a Fascist vs. Communists sub-plot that comes out of nowhere. Weird. Began reading Greenstar which is funny sci-fi.



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