Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Week in Entertainment

Flim: The Imitation Game, which is brilliantly done. Maybe not an accurate portrayal of Turing, I wouldn't know, maybe with a few details changed or moved about in time, but a fascinating film. Into the Woods, also splendid.

TV: The Christmas Story (of course). And The Last Christmas, this year's Doctor Who special. It reminded me a bit of "Amy's Choice" though not as good or as ... portentous. And I wasn't best pleased with the very end of it. (spoilers!)(no, River Song did not show up, thank goodness)\

Read: Spider Circus, first in a planned four-book series and very good. Mystery in White, a 1937 mystery set at Christmas. Began The Goblin Emperor, which is downright mesmerizing.



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