Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Week in Entertainment

Live: Annie at the Hippodrome. Goof, energetic performance, great sets, the kids were terrific dancers. Sandy wasn't really into it - when Annie was hugging him as he lay in front of her and singing "The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow", he lay there, but he kind of twisted his head away and then put his feet on her arms and shoved. It was funny. She was a real pro; didn't miss a beat!

DVD: A few episodes of Search, which I vaguely remember from when it was on in 1972. The tech is ridiculous now, of course, and all three of the leading men (a different one each week) are what I now think of as obnoxiously ladies' men, but it's fun.

TV: I came home to a stack of The Mentalist episodes on the DVR, and I've caught up. This season is really a lot better than I thought it was going to be. The lack of a Red John/secret society of baddies bit is refreshing, and Jane and Lisbon as a thing works very well. The latest one, where Jane tries to keep her out of harm's way, was refreshing. Grimm - whew, they rescued Monroe (which I thought they probably would) and saved Bud (which I wasn't sure of), and Rosalie and Juliet and Renard all were pretty bad-ass.

Read: Ancillary Sword - equally as brilliant as its predecessor. I'm now waiting eagerly for the final volume. Began Mort(e), an odd - very odd - book that's fascinating so far.



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