Sunday, February 15, 2015

New York in the Snow

Some shots from this weekend:

Finally got there!
Carnegie Hall

A horse outside the Park at 8th Avenue
a horse in the Park

Central Park in the snow
Central Park

Iolanta at the Met
the Met poster

You Can't Take It With You ... by the way, when Richard Thomas made his entrance, the audience clapped. In the intermission, the young man behind us was looking at the program to figure out of "that one actor" was famous. "Oh," he says to his date, "he's in the Americans. I guess that's why." We told them who he was (The Waltons wasn't in his credits in the program). Boy, did I feel old.
the theater

Walking back from the Met, the snow had started up.
snow at Columbus Circle

And was really coming down when we got to the hotel.
the hotel in the snow

The view out my hotel window
view out the window

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