Wednesday, February 11, 2015

One more from Bing...

And another swing and miss from Bing, this one Ukrainian:
Дочка, зять та сват нового генпрокурора Віктора Шокіна працюють на керівних посадах в прокуратурах різних областей.

A daughter, son-in-law and SWAT the new Prosecutor General Viktor Šokìna working in management positions in different areas of the prokuraturah.

OK, granted, we don't have a word for it but Bing Translate should know it: сват (svat) isn't SWAT, it's the father of your son-in-law (or daughter, but in this case, it's his daughter's husband's father).

Google offers
Daughter, son and matchmaker new Prosecutor General Viktor Shokina working in senior positions in various areas of prosecutors' offices.
Yeah, "matchmaker" is one meaning, but hardly the likely one. And зять is son-in-law, not just "son". (Well, to be fair, it's also your sister's husband.(Ukrainian has four words for brother-in-law: зять, your sister's husband; шурин, your wife's brother; дівер, your husband's brother; and свояк, your wife's sister's husband - and three for sister-in-law: невістка, your brother's wife (also the word for son's wife); зовиця, your husband's sister; and своячка, your wife's sister.) But зять is not your own son.)

And why do they both screw up the grammar of в прокуратурах різних областей "in the prosecutors' offices of different oblasts"? If they translated область as "area" but had the grammar right it wouldn't be so bad, though область is a formal political unit, like a state, not just an "area" or "region". But they're reversing the genitive strings! It's not "different areas of the offices", it's "offices of different areas"! This is basic grammar. Sheesh.

The daughter of the new prosecutor general, Viktor Shokin, as well as her husband and father-in-law, hold senior (management) positions in the prosecutors' offices of different oblasts.

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