Saturday, February 28, 2015

Seriously, why?

This story was posted on Facebook a yesterday. It's a rather usual, sad story about an old woman who was housebound by the snow and who ran out of food. She called the local 911 dispatcher, who sent some cops over. They shopped for her and made sure someone would be checking on her in future, and closed their post with a note that it's important to check on your neighbors, elderly people and family members during severe weather.

There are a lot of comments, mostly  of the "God bless them!" variety, but some of a more mundane "glad they helped her" or "great story". But the comment that really baffles me is the one that reads "God is good!!!"

Seriously: what about this story would prompt anyone to say that? A woman actually runs out of food and is starving, she has to call 911 and the cops respond and care for her. To merit that kind of praise, wouldn't God have had to provide food? And it's the state that provides the cops.

I really don't understand why some people give God credit for every thing that happens that isn't an outright tragedy.



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