Sunday, February 01, 2015

The Week in Entertainment

walter kerr sign
Live: A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder, base on the same source as the film Kind Hearts and Coronets, with the same casting trick (the same actor playing all eight of D'Ysquiths, as they're called in this version) and a slightly different ending. Absolutely hilarious. Also a very nice Les Contes de Hoffman at the Met.

DVD: Some of the old show The Girl from UNCLE, as goofy as I remembered it. Dated, of course (including that title) but fun.

TV: Grimm, which attempted to pay off all the "Juliet does something horrible - oh wait it's a dream" bits with a moment of "Juliet does something horrible FOR REALZ" but blew it buy showing us Sean watching her do it. Galavant ended. It was a bit uneven, but still amusing and entertaining. The stunt casting mostly worked, though Ricky Gervais did not. I wonder if there will be a second season - they certainly set up for one. The Mentalist has gone back to being really fun to watch.

Read:One of the oddest books I've read in a long time, Mort(e), about an ant that tries to take over the world by slaughtering humans and turning animals into people. It is astonishing and doesn't go where I thought it would. Ever. Gideon, a pretty good novel about those who try to protect the world from the darkness and what happens when they make a pretty big mistake. Skylight, a "new" José Saramago novel, meaning one he wrote in the early 50s that languished in a publisher's office and then remained in Saramago's possession and which has been newly translated. It's a fascinating look at his early work, and a very good book in its own right.



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