Wednesday, March 04, 2015

A magical ride

I'm sure you saw the "baby weasel takes a magical ride on a woodpecker" photo. (In case you haven't, here it is, and here's the story.)

Of course, it wasn't a fairy-tale, magical ride; the (fully adult) weasel was trying to kill the wood- pecker to eat it. This was a last-ditch effort by the bird to escape, and when it landed near the photographer the weasel was apparently distracted so the bird managed to fly away sans unwanted passenger. Whether it survived is unknown.

However, the Internet of course began adding to the photo. And of course we got this one:
shirtless Putin on weasel on woodpecker

But my personal favorite is this one:
Netanyahu holding picture of shirtless Putin on weasel on woodpecker



At 2:10 PM, December 05, 2015 Blogger zoe had this to say...

That woodpecker looks so scared. Horrid.


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