Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Far From Finished" ... apparently.

In today's Washington Post there's a story on Bill Cosby's tour. After listing the venues where there have been protests or cancellations, the writer gives us the most unsurprising sentence:
In Florida, West Virginia and Georgia, performances go off without a hitch.
I know, that's stereotyping. But really: given this list - Westchester, New York; Denver, Col.; Worcester, Mass; Pittsburgh, PA; Des Moines, Iowa; Las Vegas, Nevada; Melbourne, Fla; Wheeling, WV; and an unnamed city in Georgia - and told to pick the three places the show went on with no disruption,wouldn't you have picked those three?

The man is performing in Baltimore Friday. I never was planning to go. But it will be interesting to look at the paper Saturday. Tickets are still available (that fact at this late date is telling), if you want to observe first hand...

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