Monday, March 30, 2015

One thing about Indiana's law to bear in mind

Indiana has no state anti-discrimination laws based on sexual orientation. Thus, this law enables such discrimination.

In fact, when amendments explicitly denying such discrimination were proposed, they were rejected.

Because that discrimination is what this bill is about, Pence and his corps of supporters notwithstanding.

Fun fact: Georgia was advancing similar legislation, though they had be pretty creative to get it through their state Senate. But when people got a look at what was happening to Indiana, they got an anti-discrimination clause added in the House. And the bill died.

Margo says 'as usual I am misunderstood'Here's a great exchange: Sen. Josh McKoon (R): “That amendment would completely undercut the purpose of the bill.”
Rep. Roger Bruce (D): “That tells me that the purpose of the bill is to discriminate.”
Sen. McKoon: “It couldn’t be further from the truth, no sir.”

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