Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ted Cruz does not like this

As Fred puts it:
Science-denying U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz says his “music taste changed on 9/11” because he “didn’t like how rock music responded.” Cruz said this in a clumsy bid for the Toby Keith voting bloc, apparently, but it’s worth pointing out, specifically, what it is that Sen. Cruz doesn’t like.

Sen. Cruz doesn't approve of this. Sen. Cruz does not want to come on up for the Rising. Nor does he wish to meet you at Mary’s place. And he is decidedly opposed (with these hands) to the idea that (with these hands) we should (come on) join together and (come on) rise up.

Good to know that about him.

By the way, here's a great piece by Ed Kilgore, in which, among other things, he says (first quoting Jonathan Chait):
It is true, however, that, in general, rock stars did not reach the jingoist heights of their country brethren. The rockers were mourning victims and celebrating freedom; country stars were demanding blood. That was a real partisan cultural divide.
And it was in order to identify with that partisan cultural divide, suggests Chait, that Ted Cruz gave up (or at least pretended to give up) his own musical tastes for something more—and I use this term very precisely—politically correct in his peer group.

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