Sunday, March 01, 2015

The Week in Entertainment

DVD: Several episodes from another good German series, Der Kommissar und das Meer (The Inspector and the Sea) about a German ex-pat working as a cop on a small island in Sweden. His wife is played by a rather well-known Danish actress named Paprika Steen. I know it's no different than, say, Pepper Binkley, but it strikes me as funny every time I see her name.

TV: The Mentalist - I am going to miss them, but I hate that they went out with a damned super-serial-killer-with-a-grudge-against-Jane arc. That was the worst part of the earlier seasons and they got away from it lately. I actually put off watching the last two eps out of this fear, but then the guy proved (a) not to be too smart and then (b) got comprehensively caught. So, it ended well. I was glad to see Van Pelt and Rigsby again, and it's funny how everyone is Episcopalian on TV - at least when they get married. :-) Modern Family - Luke's hair is awesome. The Middle - saddish episode about Darren and funny one about Weird Ashley. Agent Carter had a terrific season ending. And the final shot of Peggy on the bridge was genuinely moving.

Read: Karen Lord's wonderful The Best of All Possible Worlds. A very different book to Redemption in Indigo, an episodic low-key romance built on the destruction of a world, but equally wonderful.



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