Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Week in Entertainment

Live: The Flying Dutchman at the Washington National Opera at the Kennedy Center, with Eric Owens powerful in the title role, Jay Hunter Morris strong as Erik, Christiane Libor very good as Senta, and Ain Anger excellent - and funny - as Daland. The production was a bit anvilicious - really, did the Dutchman need to carry around a placard reading "Verdammt (Damned)"? - but the music and singing were excellent.

DVD: A number of episodes of A&E's series Longmire, which is pretty good, though they've made a number of substantial changes to the books (no Saizarbitoria, not enough Henry Standing Bear, and waaaay too much Branch Connally). Robert Taylor is very well cast, and the others are good, too. But there's some sort of odd subplot going on with his wife...

Read: All the rest of Craig Johnson's Longmire books. (Yes.) Started The Dead Mountaineer's Inn: One More Last Rite for the Detective Genre by the Strugatsky brothers.



At 11:43 PM, March 23, 2015 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

Tennessee 77, Pitt 67. Congratulations (sniffle).


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