Thursday, March 26, 2015

Two worlds in spring

Haven't done one of these in a while...

Washington Times
Terrorism | Allies show no reluctance to call out 'Islamic' terror; term Obama rejects
Military | Bergdahl case gives black eye to Army, Obama | Deserter charges after Taliban swap
Accountability | Clinton scandals delay her campaign | Latest suggests political cronyism
Affordable Care Act | Obama takes pride in health care | Pleases with legacy even if many Americans are not
Yemen | Saudis lead Arab attack; Iran proxy war loom | U.S. aids strikes against Shiite Houthis
Wisconsin | Religious exemption sought for Amish | Building codes force out family
Their big picture is Obama 'leaving a legacy of partisanship'; two smaller ones of Yemeni fleeing gunfire in Aden and Ghani addressing congress, the latter accompanying the 'Terrorism' story

Washington Post
Saudi Arabia launches strikes in Yemen as rebels advance
Desertion charge for onetime POW | Bergdahl could face life sentence | Soldier went missing from Afghan base in 2009
U.S. warplanes join stalled battle for Tikrit | Strikes will support Iranian-backed Shiite militias on the ground
Plane crash in French Alps killed mom, daughter from Va.
$45 billion merger to create a food-industry behemoth
For 2016 campaign: Out with the rich, in with the really rich 
And their big picture is Yemenis running toward a weapons depot to fight off a rebel advance

Several interesting things here. First, the visusals about Yemen: people fleeing in terror versus people preparing to defend their city.

But the Amish story was particularly interesting, as it began by complaining about the religious freedom to leave your house under code and without smoke alarms if you want but ended being a jab at unions because the Amish do their own work and the firefighters' unions are backing the builders' unions in punishing the Amish. (I know...) Note that the story is from Wisconsin.

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