Monday, April 13, 2015

Birds in Oregon

A week on the North Central Oregon Coast, in Lincoln City. My friend's working on her master's, so we didn't do a whole lot as compared to some other years. But we did do some things, and I did get some pictures. Here are the birds I saw - most of them. Also saw some eagles and a really nice red-tailed hawk, but no photos. As always, select a photo to enlarge.

A goose, and some gulls, and a crow in the background. (Also seals)

A bunch of gulls

A crow on the beach

Another crow

A turkey vulture

A pretty juvenile gull

A white-crowned sparrow

A different white-crowned sparrow singing

A house, or English, sparrow

One of many buffleheads on the bay

Another bufflehead

There were hundreds of gulls at the bay. Most are Western gulls, but not all. and the pale one might be an Iceland though I'm doubtful - and puzzled.

The little gulls I believe are Ringbilled

This guy was being harassed on the beach by crows - who very often don't like it when ravens hang around.

The crows were annoyed because the raven was finding food to eat

The raven flying off with his booty.

At Cape Foulweather we saw this juvenile peregrine falcon.

He watched us for a while and then he turned around and kept an eye on us while watching the area.

Down at Yaquina Head there's an adult pair of peregrines nesting on the cliff face right by the interpretive center. Here's the male keeping watch.

And here's the female on the nest, tucked in the back of the ledge. You can't see her unless she stands up on the nest.

When we were whale watching we passed this boat surrounded by gulls.

In the crowd around that fishing boat were also some pelicans.

There were also common murres, which you can see here, too, flying in front of the zodiac. In front of it is a pelagic cormorant.

Here's another murre.

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