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Definitely don't use Bing for conversations!

see textBing utterly fails to follow the pragmatics of the conversation. Okay, Russian can omit lots of words - more, really, than English - but Bing doesn't even attempt to employ basic cohesive techniques. Also, there is room for translating ее нет as "it doesn't exist" - the pronoun could barely possible be referring to the information - but the next sentence is definitely "who" not "what", so the speaker didn't think so. (Bing also fails utterly to grasp the function of the dash.)
— А вы работали над информацией про убитую девочку?
— Ее нет
— Кого нет?
— Девочки
— Не погибла?
— Нет
— А как же так, передали же?
— Вынуждены были передать. Сами понимаете.

Как вслед за «распятым мальчиком» появилась «расстрелянная девочка». Расследование Би-би-си о пропагандистском фейке «ДНР»:

You worked on the information about the dead girl?
Is It not
-Who doesn't?
Is Not lost?
And how have the same?
— Were forced to pass. Understand yourself.

As following the 'crucified boy "appeared" rasstrelânnaâ girl ". Investigation into the BBC's propaganda fejke "DNI":
Google is marginally better:
- And you were working on information about a dead girl?
- It does not exist
- Who is not?
- Girls
- Do not died?
- No I Am Not
- And how is it transmitted the same?
- They were forced to pass. You know.

As after the "crucified boy" came to "shoot the girl." Investigation BBC BBC propaganda about Fake "DNR":
Once again, we get terrible do-support syntax ("do not died?"), and I have no idea why Нет, no, is translated so emphatically (No I Am Not) by Google.

Neither of them can handle the summary either, though they mess it up differently (neither can handle the non-declined BBC, and neither can keep the preposition where it belongs: rassledovanie BBC o propagandistskom fejke DNR = investigation OF BBC ABOUT propaganda fake OF DNR, or with more appropriate English pronouns, Investigation BY the BBC INTO the propaganda fake OF/BY the DNR). Both select nominative plural "girls" as the translation of Девочки, totally ignoring the negation and singular verb and pronoun, pointing (for a person, anyway) to the genitive singular "the girl". Here's my translation:
"Did you work up the information on the murdered girl?"
"She doesn't exist."
"Who doesn't?"
"The girl."
"She didn't die?"
"Then why on earth did you broadcast that she did??"
"We were forced to. You understand."

How, following the "crucified boy", there was the "girl shot to death". The BBC investigates propaganda fakery from the DPR.

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At 10:56 AM, April 09, 2015 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

FYI, this news story was carried on BBC World overnight. Of course, they have their own translators/interpreters ;-)

At 1:25 PM, April 10, 2015 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

Speaking of Russia/Ukraine, did you miss this article?
"Free speech or hate speech? Lisitsa and the TSO":


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