Sunday, April 05, 2015

That Jewish baker

He will not have to make an anti-Semitic hate-speech cake ... unless he cheerfully makes racist, anti-Muslim, or ant-Christian cakes.

The Jewish or Muslim deli owner? He will not have to sell ham sandwiches ... unless he sells them to Jews or Muslims.

That homosexual baker? He won't have to frost a cake saying gay marriage is a sin ... unless he writes hate speech about straights on cakes he sells to other gays.*

If you sell a product, you have to sell it to everyone. If you don't sell it to anyone, that's fine.

I would ask why that is so hard to understand, but the truth is, I don't think it is. I think there's a segment of the political landscape that profits on whipping Christians up into a frenzy over their supposed victimization. After all, the religion began as a persecuted minority sect and it still teaches that ... hang on. Why aren't Christians happy that they're being "persecuted"? Didn't Jesus teach that meant they were blessed? But I digress.

Civil rights are not that hard to grasp. And neither is the difference between "Congratulations" and "Go to Hell."

* That video thing making the rounds of conservative sites? False equivalency. Making a cake that says "Congratulations Brian and Peter!" is not the same as making a cake that says "Gay Marriage Is Wrong".

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