Sunday, June 07, 2015

The Week in Entertainment

Live: Keb' Mo' in concert - he put on a really good show. A guy called Tom Shinness (who was playing in the band though not a regular) opened for him and he was very good too. He played "When I'm 64" on a cello - which he was playing like it was a giant ukelele or something - and "Dueling Banjos" on a mandolin/mandola hybrid. Good show, lots of fun.

TV: I was excited to see that TCM was having a Bulldog Drummond festival (I've never seen one of those movies, numerous though they are), only to discover that I was rather bored by them. It didn't help that Ray Milland was playing Drummond in the first one they showed, as I've never been able to warm up to him as a dashing and/or debonair leading man.

Read: Almost finished with The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August which is extremely good.



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