Thursday, July 30, 2015


The video of Samuel DuBose's killing illustrates one massive problem we have here in the US.

No, it's not that the cop murdered DuBose and then blatantly lied about it, despite having a body-cam on that showed he was, in the words of the prosecutor, "making an excuse for a purposeful killing of another person." (The prosecutor also said the killing was "murder" and "so senseless", and that "It was so unnecessary for this to occur. People want to believe that Mr DuBose had done something violent toward the officer. He did not. He did not at all." When a prosecutor says that, well.)

That is terrible, horrible, a huge problem, yes, absolutely.

But the fact is that at least one other cop backed up the killer's story 100%. He reported things that simply didn't happen. He lied to uphold the Thin Blue Line. And another one gave it a good shot, too.

So keep on saying "#NotAllCops". Keep on telling yourself and us that "most cops are good guys" and the "most cops don't kill people". Just realize that if 1 cop kills and 2 cops who wouldn't still lie to protect him, you've got 3 cops who conspired to cover up a murder. The whole barrel is becoming full of rotten apples.

If the Good CopsĀ® cover up for the Bad Cops what is it exactly that makes them the Good Guys?

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