Wednesday, July 29, 2015

You read what you expect

I vaguely noticed the "typo" in the headline "Oklahoma Guv's Daughter Living In Trailer Parked Outside Guv's Mansion" but really read right over it. To the extent that I was actually startled to realize she wasn't living in a "trailer park" (I figured the article was going to be about the governor's refusal to help her daughter or the daughter's crime-and/or-poverty-ridden life) but was in fact living in a trailer that was parked on the mansion's grounds. The story is about people complaining about taxpayers "footing her bills" - though, as the governor points out, if her daughter had moved into the mansion people would be paying for "her" utilities just the same.

By the way, I also was only vaguely aware that the daughter is in a band (which is why she's in a trailer). What can I say? Oklahoman politicians' families are not really on my radar.

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At 3:26 PM, July 29, 2015 Anonymous Anonymous had this to say...

What I find most weird about that headline is "Guv." For me, the abbreviated form of governor is gov, whereas guv is short for guv'nor.


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