Sunday, September 06, 2015

The Weeks in Entertainment

DVD: Finally saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel which was a treat.

TV: Caught the first episode of Arthur and George which is quite well-done and very intriguing. Lots of baseball.

Read: Long Upon the Land, the latest Deborah Knott novel. Maron's mixing it up some - this didn't just have Dwight's third[person sections, it had long flashbacks to the past. Interesting story. The End of All Things downloaded onto the Kindle, necessitating a reread of all the previous Old Man's War novels. A very satisfying wrapup (though not a definitive end, there's room for Scalzi to come back and play if he wants). Falling in Love, one of Donna Leon's Brunettit books, excellent as always. Finally got to The Three-Body Problem, which is a worthy Hugo winner, if not the one I voted for. Began Indexing: Reflections, which is being serialized, and am loving it so far. Started Secondhand Souls when it downloaded; I remembered A Dirty Job as hilarious but I realized I needed to refresh my memory of it to make sense of the sequel and upon rereading found it ... not so much. As a result, Souls is still unread and other new arrivals - preeminently TEOAT already noted - jumped the queue, but also The Spook Who Spoke Again, a Lindsey Davis novella featuring Postumus and the long-awaited but bittersweet in the coming The Shepherd's Crown, Terry Pratchett's last (a Tiffany Aching). Also, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl first book collection, which sent me out to get all the available issues, it's so good.



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