Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Color me unsurprised

Surprise. Right-wing politicians in Louisiana are lying about the need for Planned Parenthood clinics in the state:
Sen. Bill Cassidy, the junior Republican from Louisiana, has said there were more than 100 community health care centers "scattered all over the state" that could accept Planned Parenthood's patients.

Lawyers for the state appeared to contradict him after they whittled down their list of capable providers to 29 [excluding the dentists, audiologists, dermatologists, etc, that had been on the original list]. And even among those providers, their ability to pick up Planned Parenthood's slack is questionable. In Baton Rouge, the site of one of two Louisiana Planned Parenthood clinics, the state lists five alternate providers. But only three of those offer contraception, according to the state's filing, and two of those have wait times ranging from two to seven weeks. One of the Baton Rouge clinics the state suggested is not accepting any new patients for STI, breast cancer, or cervical cancer screenings.
It's been documented that many of the PP clinics in the country are the only clinic that does cancer screenings or contraceptive planning or if not the only one, the only one taking Medicare.

But hey: it's just poor women, right?

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