Friday, October 02, 2015

Ummmm okay

This was posted to Carolyn Hax's wedding-horror-themed chat today:
I was getting married in a chapel at Christmas time and wanted a velvet dress, because I had never been able to afford one. Took my mother and sister shopping and found the perfect burgundy Scott McClintock. Then my sister asked to try it on. I said she could not buy my wedding dress. She said "I won't wear it to your wedding". I said I did not want her to have the same dress and she said we don't live in the same city, so we would never wear it to the same place. I said I don't want you to have this dress! She said that was silly. I RAN down the mall to a wedding store and bought a full white lace gown. Guess what she wore to my wedding?
First, I'll note that sis might well not have worn the dress to the wedding had bride actually bought it.

But mainly, wow. I mean, I'm sure we're supposed to hate sis, but I have to agree with her that if she never wore it anywhere bride was going - not even in the same city - it is "silly" to tell her she can't buy it. And "silly" is a very kind word for it.

Granted, I'd probably have gone back at some later date to buy the thing, but then again, bride "RAN" away so why not?

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