Saturday, February 13, 2016

My own Allegiance saga

I've been a fan of this show on the Internet since the beginning. I bought tickets before it was even on Broadway - well, bought the right to buy them - and bought the actual tickets as soon as they were on sale. They were for November and as you know that didn't work out. So I exchanged them for a date in late March. But then the show decided to close on February 14, so I re-exchanged them for January 23.

Enter Snowzilla. After some discussion with my friend and my boss, I took the Friday off and we headed up for New York on the train in the late morning. Snow had just started falling, and we were quickly out of it. Since we were going to be there an extra night, I took the Met credit for my missed autumn shows and got tickets to Turandot, since my friend hadn't seen this production. It was a wonderful night, and all seemed well. The plan had worked, the idea had been a good one.

Saturday morning the snow had arrived in Manhattan. Allegiance's Tea Salongi was still tweeting that the show was one for the day, and La Bohème was going off at the Met. We ambled over from the Empire (across the street from Lincoln Plaza), ate lunch at the Grand Tier, and made our way to our seats. At a couple minutes past one the stage manager walked out, and I immediately began wondering who hadn't been able to get into town. But what he told us was that the mayor was shutting down the trains at 2, and had asked all theaters to close.

So. No La Bohème, no Allegiance, and no reason to go back to Baltimore; even if we could have gotten a train back there was no way we'd have been able to get back home from the airport. So we stayed in our hotel and watched the snow fall - which we could have done back home. Ah, well.

The next day we caught our train and made our way back home. (Had I been smart, I'd have driven to the airport, too, and left my car under the garage. Instead I paid a young man in the complex to shovel my car out.)

Still, there is a happy ending - we got our money back for the cancelled shows and so today we headed up to NYC again and finally saw Allegiance!

The Hotel Empire, across the street from Lincoln Center.

Lincoln Center at night - the Chagalls are uncovered and the lights are bright. The night is clear - no snow here, at least not yet.

Breakfast at the hotel - snow swirling and making us sure we'd made the right call coming up the day before.

The view from the hotel window :-)

Lincoln Center in the snow

La Bohème

Lunch at the Grand Tier - snow definitely coming down.

The wind was so strong hardly any snow was anywhere but on the ground. You'd be pardoned for thinking it wasn't so bad this morning!

Finally, three weeks later, we made it. Bitter cold but no snow - Allegiance at last!

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