Sunday, February 07, 2016

The Weeks in Entertainment

Long time to go over, hope I remember everything...

Live: The Pearl Fishers at the Met. Lovely Bizet score, wonderful singers. THEN Snowzilla attacked. My friend and I had tickets for La Bohème and the evening performance of Allegiance. We decided, after some thought, that we'd better go up on Friday in case the snow stopped the trains Saturday morning. So we got tickets for Turandot, which was very well done, Friday and then Saturday had lunch and settled into our seats at the Met to be told that a state of emergency had been declared, the mayor was stopping the trains at 2, and all the theaters were being closed. So instead of two shows in a Manhattan getting 5" or so, we sat in our hotel and watch the city get pounded - though not as badly as down in Maryland. Ah well, it was a good idea.

Film: Saw Trumbo again with a friend who hadn't. Also saw The Force Awakens again - a lot of fun, that movie. Sherlock: The Abominable Bride, very good, very enjoyable.

TV: Caught the first few episodes of The X-Files reboot, and liked it. Also Lucifer, which is a bit predictable, really, but kind of fun. The last few of this season of The Librarians, which ended well and has me excited for next season. There's a lot piled up on the DVR but I haven't done much TV watching, really.

Read: Oh, man. Let's see. A truckload of Charles de Lint, a couple of dozen old and new. The Wildlings trilogy was new to me and I liked it a lot, but mainly it was Newford stuff. Another episode of Bookburners. Liars for Jesus 2, continuing the good work of documenting right-wing distortions of American history. Midnight Taxi Tango, a Bone Street Rumba novel, not quite as good as the first but still very readable. Two short "Sin de Jour" things, which are okay, and ended on a real cliffhanger so I'll probably try the next one when it comes out. Tad Williams' "Bobby Dollar" trilogy which was well-written enough to pull through the whole thing even though (as with many noirs) I didn't really like Bobby very much. The new translation of Dovlatov's Заповедник, The Preserve, translated by his daughter as Pushkin Hills - very bitingly funny and very Russian. China Mièville's two latest - the short story collection Three Moments of an Explosion and the novella This Census Taker - neither of which disappointed at all. Staked, the latest Iron Druid novel, which has the feel of wrapping up, if not the series, a major part of it. And the first five of the Rivers of London series, which actually is where I saw the Bobby Dollar things advertised - but these are splendid fun, well thought out and written, and with a narrator I really like.



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