Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I wonder why?

The agency I work for has an intranet, and on it there are analogs to Twitter (a slightly longer character count), blogs, My Space and reddit. Yesterday we switched the blogging platform from an LJ license to a Word Press one.

Well, there are many inadequacies in the version of WP we got. So quite a few people were on the Twitter-like thing complaining. Full disclosure: I was one of them.

Then someone posted: For some reason I'm just not motivated to complain about blogging software today. I wonder why....

Well, I am proud of myself because I didn't answer either of these:
Because you're a truly sensitive and serious soul who is far above the rest of us crude mortals?

Wow, I feel sorry for you. Given the frequency of truly horrible things that happen in the wider world, you must spend your whole life unable to react to mundane things like your work environment. Sounds like a horrible way to go through life.
I mean, if you want to say that events in Belgium have put things in perspective for you, say that. Don't get all faux noble and vaguely insulting. Don't imply that you're better than others, or that only you care about terrible things. That only pisses people off.



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