Monday, March 07, 2016

Oh, Bing. Oh, Google. Oh, my.

Сьогодні День народження Любомира Гузара - совісті нашої нації, визначного мужа Церкви і видатного українця. Довгих і благих літ Вам, дорогий Владико. Ви - дороговказ для тих, хто шукає вірного життєвого шляху.

Bing (if that's who FB is still using):
Today birthday lyubomyra huzara - conscience of our nation, vyznachnoho muzha churches and Russia ukrayintsya. Long and blahykh winters you, dear vladyko. You - dorohovkaz for those who seek virnoho zhytteyevoho way.

Today is the birthday Lubomyr Husar - the conscience of our nation, an outstanding man and an outstanding Ukrainian Church. Long and happy years to you, dear Lord. You - a guide for those seeking a true way of life.

Well, Bing escapes a lot of criticism by the simple expedience of not knowing what most of the words mean. (Ukrayintsa? You can't guess that one???) But it misses on літо, lito: it's "summer" not "winter". (Though in a wish like this, it's "year".) Google bravely translates and words and lets the grammar destroy it: for instance, the bishop (владика, vladika - vladiko is the vocative) is "an eminent man of the church" and "a prominent Ukrainian", not "an outstanding Ukrainian Church". Oy. 

But  honestly, Bing. Where in the actual heck did you get the word "Russia"? 

Today is the birthday of Lubomyr Huzak - our nation's conscience,  an eminent man of the church and a prominent Ukrainian. Long and happy years to you, dear bishop. You are a guide for those who seek the true path in life.

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At 9:46 AM, March 08, 2016 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

"Where in the actual heck...?"

I shall be plagiarizing this expression :-))))))))))


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