Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Week in Entertainment

This was an unproductive week in many ways. All I did was read, and not that much of that.

One of the "new Dick Francises", Even Money - the plot was okay, but Felix isn't quite the writer his father was. I got very tired of the narrator telling us nobody likes bookies. This protagonist had a sick wife, like the one in Forfeit, but their relationship is different; I thought of rereading Forfeit but couldn't find it and settled for rereading Banker, instead. Began reading The Year of Lear, which is absolutely fascinating. I love all the details about what was going on in Jacobean England - I had no idea that the "equivocator" the doorkeeper in Macbeth is going on about was a reference to a Jesuitical tactic for lying to the king's investigators, for an example.



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