Friday, March 25, 2016


I went down to the cafeteria (I don't like getting up earlier than I already do to cook and eat at home) in time to see Breaking News on CNN. Here it is:
The US may know the name of the fugitive airport bomber. (The one in the hat).
Now you know all there is to know.

But CNN chose to treat this like *actual* news, meaning 5 minutes of various sets of people standing around in various places all saying some version of "the US may know the name" "oh that would be helpful" "it's not surprising" "the US may know the name". All utterly without content or added value. And they may still be at it, since I am no longer there.

Honestly. I know they're constantly scraping for ways to fill up the 24-hour-cycle, but this?

(And it's hardly new. Perhaps I'm just grumpy since I haven't had much coffee yet.)



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