Saturday, May 14, 2016

Seriously, what IS it with Bing?

see textWhy does Bing's algorithm consistently move words around in the sentence? I understand that sometimes it doesn't know what a word means. This is something else entirely.

In his post congratulating the Ukrainian Eurovision winner, Jamala, Arseniy Yatsenyuk said:
Браво, Джамало!!! Блискуча і заслужена перемога! Вражаюча сила таланту і безмежна глибина пісні. Україна перемагає і перемагатиме, Крим буде українським!!!

And Bing translated that like this:
Bravo, dzhamalo!!! Brilliant and deserved victory! Impressive Talent Unlimited Strength and depth of the song. Winning Ukraine and crimea peremahatyme, will gave!!!

My translation:
"Bravo, Jamala! A brilliant and well-deserved victory! Impressive strength of talent and measureless depths of the song. Ukraine wins, and will win, Crimea will be Ukrainian!"

So once again not only does Bing not know some important words (like "перемагатиме, will win", it elects to leave out some important words entirely (it's not "Winning Ukraine and Crimea will win", it's "Ukraine is winning and will win, (and) Crimea will be Ukrainian"), it also just chucks words randomly around. It's not "impressive talent, unlimited strength and depth of the song". It's "Impressive strength of talent and unlimited depth of the song". And what the hell is up with that "will gave" at the end?

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At 9:51 AM, May 15, 2016 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

Out of idle curiosity, I checked to see if Google Translate did any better.

"Bravo, Jamal !!! The brilliant and deserved victory! The destructive power of boundless talent and depth of the song. Ukraine wins and peremahatyme Crimea is Ukrainian !!!"

"The DESTRUCTIVE power"??? Oh well, the good news is at least there's still a real need for human translators!


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