Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Week in Entertainment

Somehow I scheduled this for the wrong day, so it's two weeks in one...

Live: Love Letters, which was a lovely, touching play.

Film: The Man Who Knew Infinity - a wonderful, brilliant movie. Terrific performances by Dev Patel (what a gifted actor he is!) and Jeremy Irons both. Lovely script. Highly recommended. Finding Dory, very enjoyable plus there was one moment where I actually teared up.

DVD: More Columbo. Some of Father Brown's third season. Some of Grantchester's second - does anyone actually like Geordie?

Read: The Man Who Knew Infinity, a very engaging biography. Dipped into Neil Gaiman's View from the Cheap Seats, which is collected nonfiction. One of them was a little intro essay for Diana Wynne Jones's Dogsbody, which led me to reread that and then move on the Eight Days of Luke, Fire and Hemlock, and Aunt Maria and then to two I had somehow missed before, Enchanted Glass and The Time of the Ghost.



At 11:28 AM, June 20, 2016 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

Well, the actor who PLAYS Geordie is kinda hot :-)

Last night we enjoyed the PBS trifecta: series finale of "Vicious," new series of "Endeavour," and a multi-parter called "The Tunnel" which opens with a victim found at the midway point in the Chunnel (won't give away any spoilers).

At 11:46 AM, June 20, 2016 Blogger The Ridger, FCD had this to say...

I really went off Endeavour in the last season - all that murky Mason conspiracy, etc. Is season 3 good? Should I watch it?

Isn't The Tunnel a remake of The Bridge?

At 3:27 PM, June 20, 2016 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

Yes, they said in the after-sequence to episode 1 that "The Tunnel" is an Anglo-French remake of "The Bridge" (never saw the original, however).

"Endeavour" 3.1 had nothing to do with Freemasonry (at least so as I could tell!) -- instead re the idle rich and carnies. Don't know yet re the rest of season 3.


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