Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Back to Bing ;-)

see text
(Gasp! A third post in one day!)

The caption reads
Фронтовий герб)
Слава Україні! Смерть окупантам!

(In transliteration, that's Frontovyy herb )
Slava Ukrayini! Smert' okupantam!

Bing makes this
Frontovyy herb)
Glory to Ukraine! Death Okupantam!
Oh, Bing.
Translation fail. Majorly.

First, "frontovyy"? Why doesn’t it know how adjectives are made? That -ov- is one of the two basic suffixes, denoting a relationship - in this case, a герб that is from the фронт. And Bing does know the word фронт.

And "herb" is a transliteration just like "frontovyy" but one that sadly looks like an English word. As in Russian, герб means an emblem, a national emblem or symbol, or a coat of arms.

And as always Bing has no clue about cases, or the need to put in prepositions in English. Okupant is "occupier" and -am is dative plural. Death TO occupiers.

And one minor question... WHY did it capitalize "Okupantam"?

I'll allow it not to know the abbreviated emoji.

Google Translate does a pretty darned good job, by the way:

Front emblem

Glory to Ukraine! Death to the invaders

It doesn't know the emoji, either. And I could quibble with using the bare "front"; it sounds like it means "not the back" rather than "front line". But really not bad.

Front-line emblem :-)  (Emblem from the front)
Glory to Ukraine! Death to the occupiers! 

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