Thursday, October 27, 2016


I put up some feeders. The first few days was nothing but chickadees and titmice - which, no complaints! - but then others started showing up. Here are some pictures. Note that chickadees generally don't stay at the feeder; they can't crack open the seeds easily, so they grab one, take it to a tree, eat it, and come back for another. Titmice will often do the same thing, but sometimes they stay and crack open the seeds on the bottom of a usefully-shaped feeder.

 Carolina chickadee

 Tufted titmouse and chickadee

 Northern cardinal (male)

 Northern cardinal (female)

Carolina chickadees

 Tufted titmouse and a departing Carolina chickadee

 Red-bellied woodpecker (female)

 Carolina wren trying to make up its mind

 Sunflower seeds...

 ... no, suet!
  Red-bellied woodpecker (female), better pose

White-breasted nuthatch

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