Sunday, October 30, 2016

No mas

An email I just sent to End Citizens United, in response to one from them with the subject line "Did Karen ABANDON Hillary?", which I found pretty rich since I just got hit up by her campaign.

I'm sure this is useless but I am going to say it anyway. Trying to guilt people into giving is an obnoxious tactic. Especially all this crap like "Did Karen abandon Hillary?" or "Karen voting for Trump?" And the damned surveys that end with a choice of giving X dollars or giving more. ENOUGH.

I am getting upwards of 75 emails A DAY asking for money. At least 1 phone call a day. You, a bunch of congressional and senatorial candidates and their campaigns, the Clinton campaign, DNC, DSCC, DCCC, DDLC... freaking James Carville calling me a slacker. And everybody sends them over and over, sometimes daily, certainly weekly. Everybody wants $300 or $400 and then they want me to add "just" $20.16 or enough to get the matching funds up to some bigger number. Everyone is desperate and everyone just needs 4 more people ftom my ZIP code or 10 from  my city. I CANNOT GIVE EVERYONE MONEY ALL THE TIME. STOP ACTING LIKE YOU ARE ALL THERE IS.

I'm sure it won't even be read. But I feel better for sending it.

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