Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Week in Entertainment

Live: An extremely well-done and funny L'Italiana in Algieri at the Met.

DVD: The Incredible Hulk, which was okay, and Hulk, which was ... as odd as I'd heard. Mark Ruffalo is certainly a better Banner than the other two. And having Nick Nolte play Banner's father in the first and then Betty's father in the second (instead of Sam Eliot) was a weird choice.

TV: Caught the first episode of The Good Place on On Demand and will definitely try to catch up this week. It was funny and thought-provoking. And I like seeing Kristen Bell back on TV.

Read: The Sandman Overture by Neil Gaiman - extraordinary. "Everything But the Squeal", a funny if slight Scalzi short originally in Metatropolis, so I broke down and bought that ("more or less "the city beyond", says the forward. It should have been "metapolis" - polis is 'city' and that '-tro' in metropolis goes with the 'me' of 'metr-', mother. But I digress.). It's a collection of five stories, and three of them are very good indeed. One ("Everything But..." ) is slight but funny, and the other (the first in the book, unfortunately) just left me totally cold. Couldn't even finish it. YMMV, obviously. The Librarians and the Lost Lamp - can't wait for the show to start. The Inquisitor's Tale, which was truly wonderful. I started Zhivago's Secret Journey but he made so many tantalizing references to things from Inside the Zhivago Storm that I finally gave in and bought that one to read first. Finished Eruption: The Untold Story of Mout St. Helens, which was well-done indeed. Started Kabu Kabu, a collection of short stories by Nnedi Okonafor, which are so far everything I'd expect from her (brilliant, in a word).



At 2:41 PM, October 18, 2016 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

While we were in Portugal we watched LOTS of "Inspector Morse," "Inspector Lewis" and "Endeavour" reruns on hotel room TVs (as well as Julia McKenzie's "Miss Marple" series) -- all with Portuguese subtitles! The big new thing coming there this fall is "Prime Suspect."


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