Wednesday, November 16, 2016

FeederWatch week 2

Had a few different birds this week - some American robins, a song sparrow, and an Eastern phoebe. Didn't get pics of the robins or the phoebe, unfortunately.

The first pic is from later in the week, but both birds came during the observation period. And the second pic is from several years ago, just to show you what the bird looks like.

Here's a pair of Eastern towhees.

 An Eastern phoebe

Song sparrow

Female Eastern towhee

White-throated sparrows

Female Red-bellied woodpecker

Blue jay

Tufted titmouse and Carolina wren

White-breasted nuthatch and chipmunk

Pair of Northern cardinals - I had six of them this week!

And they didn't get along at all

Female Downy woodpecker

Mourning doves

One mourning dove

Carolina chickadee

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