Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Project Feeder Watch Week 3

Mostly the same birds as before, but the juncos have arrived (well, one anyway).

Female House finch

Carolina chickadee

And another

Downy woodpecker

White-breasted nuthatch

American goldfinch

Mourning dove

Female Northern cardinal

and a male - there were six of them (at least) and they chased each other a lot, but he couldn't get this chickadee to budge.

Northern cardinal sharing the water with a Red-bellied woodpecker

Red-breasted nuthatch

White-throated sparrow

The Red-bellied woodpecker eating a peanut

 And at the small seed feeder

A blue jay

A Brown thrasher

Tufted titmouse sharing a feedwith with two House finches

The finches can eat at the feeder, while the titmouse has to take his seed away and crack it open on a tree branch

A Song sparrow

These are Purple finches - new this fall

A male Eastern towhee

And the female
 And a second pair

And a Dark-eyed junco

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