Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Project Feeder Watch Week 5

No new species, but plenty of new individuals - the feeders saw at least six goldfinches and several purple and house finches as well. I'm making two posts, since there are so many pictures.

Here is a male Northern cardinal, a male Eastern towhee, and a White-throated sparrow

A male House finch

Three House finches

An American goldfinch, a House finch and a Northern cardinal

A House finch, an American goldfinch, and a White-throated sparrow

A Carolina wren perched on the shed prior to swooping in on the tray feeder

A Carolina chickadee

A male Eastern towhee

And a female

A pair of Northern cardinals and a pair (or at least 2) White-throated sparrows

A Dark-eyed junco

An American goldfinch, a male House finch and a male Northern cardinal

Two goldfinches and a House finch

A pair of House finches

And a bonus bird - not eligible for counting since he wasn't here for the feeders or water - a Yellow-bellied sapsucker

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